The Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance (EDBA) was founded in 1994 by Emergency Department leaders seeking solutions to local service issues. The board of directors is composed of 10 highly regarded physicians, nurses and administrators who serve to better emergency services around the world. 


The Emergency Department is a site of intense service challenges, unpredictable case loads and expectations, and cost challenges. In the healthcare service industry, providers are dedicated to continuous quality improvement and patient safety which are key to maintaining a relationship of trust in local communities. 

The Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance (EDBA) was founded to investigate and improve issues specific to the ED. We are a group of Emergency Department administrators including physicians, nurses, medical staff and management. The EDBA is composed of 1,500 EDs, all dedicated to a mission of high quality medical care, patient satisfaction, medical education, and community service.  

The EDBA sponsors annual conferences for outside audiences featuring national speakers on topics relating to Emergency Department quality improvement and "Innovations." The conference agenda features sessions on the concept of benchmarking, so that attendees can develop local approaches to this quality improvement process. The conference tuition fees have been intentionally kept at reasonable levels, to encourage the attendance of ED managers and staff.


Identification, development, and implementation of current and future best practices in Emergency Medicine. 


Membership to the EDBA is updated annually. There is a geographic diversity (including international members), recognized expertise in ED operations, and participation by members with special interest in design and flow management. Certain activities of the EDBA involve specific expertise in observation, pediatrics, trauma, air, and others. 

There is an annual data survey which collects and reports the performance metrics of members ED's. This data serves as the basis for an annual data guide. 

What Do ED Leaders Gain From Membership?

Th EDBA has ongoing participation by high quality EDs of all volumes and service populations, all collaborating in non-competitive efforts to improve the industry. The EDBA is always looking for new members with new ideas and enthusiastic leaders. The EDBA is an organization where the sense of ownership is shared among all disciplines and professionals that provide leadership in an Emergency Department. We have developed an organization that coordinates operations research and health services research intended to identify best practices.