This gathering of ED physicians, nurses, medical staff and administrators is one of a kind in its specialty focus. The EDBA makes effective use of "industrial tourism", each member benefiting from the direct and nonthreatening observation of other ED operations. Ongoing participation of EDBA EDs supports a rich information exchange not available elsewhere. EDBA members are "wired" to major events throughout the country, supporting more real-time information exchange than literature alone. The EDBA has effectively moved the market and proven to be more adept at influencing rapid policy change response than other singular organizations. The EDBA has input to major groups influencing ED practice; ENA, ACPE, The Advisory Board. The Joint Commission and a variety of widely-read EM publications.  

Attributes of the Alliance

  • The attendance of the ED team of physicians, nurses, and administrators cannot be replicated in other groups
  • The Alliance makes effective use of the process of “industrial tourism”, and each member has benefited by the direct and nonthreatening observation of other ED operations
  • Direct observation of the Alliance EDs permits information exchange at a variety of levels, not available through the literature or at off site meetings
  • The Alliance members are “wired” to major events happening throughout the country in emergency practice matters. That information exchange is much more timely then available through the literature.
  • The Alliance has effectively moved the market. When outside agencies, including major payors, were approached by the Alliance, any unsubstantiated claims were challenged and then withdrawn. Individual Alliance hospitals, and even our major associations, have not proven as adept at rapid policy change response.
  • The Alliance has input to major groups influencing ED practice – ENA, ACEP, The Advisory Board, JCAHO, and a variety of widely-read EM publications
  • The Alliance has the body of knowledge to communicate with the general media and other groups that have an interest in ED operations
  • The Alliance is a great forum for brainstorming new operations concepts
  • The Alliance offers a pathway to other industry leaders – Marriott, Disney, McDonalds, and others. The concept of identifying and implementing best practices is their way of doing business.
  • The Alliance has reestablished the value of the annual educational session. The educational sessions provide a focus for scholarly activity, and an opportunity to share Alliance materials with appropriate partners in the industry.