Membership in the EDBA will be by recommendation and vote. There will be geographic diversity, recognized expertise, in ED operations, and participation for special interest or expertise. Certain activities of the Alliance involve select expertise in observation, peds, trauma, air, etc. Members will be disaffiliated by majority vote for failure to attend or complete necessary assignments. A credential form will be available.

Why would you benefit from EDBA membership?

  • The Alliance actively recruits other high volume quality EDs in noncompetitive circumstances from around the country.  We have always benefited from the infusion of new energy from new members.
  • The EDBA seeks regular participation from colleagues engaged with us in the work of making our EDs function well for our patients, communities, hospitals, and medical staffs.
  • Ownership for the organization is strong not only among physicians, but among all disciplines and professionals that work in the ED.
  • We have developed an organization that coordinates operations research and health services research intended to identify best practices. 

If you have any questions regarding EDBA Membership, please contact September Liller at 855-662-6674 or [email protected]

To renew your dues, please contact September Liller, Membership Manager, at [email protected]